Hi, I’m Humanstein. Welcome to Humanstein.

Humanstein is a digital magazine with a broad focus on “Crap Nathan Likes”. In more specific terms, that means comic books, horror films, television, pop culture, junk food, adventures I go on, and nostalgia related to things like old action figures and hamburgers I can’t buy anymore.

This blog will serve as my platform to wax poetic on the myriad things I enjoy. That means you’ll find me here sharing my thoughts on the media, food, drink, and events I consume, as well as writing reviews, essays, and articles.

A bit about me is probably in order. My name is Nathan. I’m a 26 year old digital marketing “professional”, but for our purposes it’s probably more important that I’m a writer, a blogger, and an avid consumer and connoisseur of pop culture, junk food, and limited edition beverages.

A short list of the things I most enjoy would probably include monsters, slasher films, vinyl records, and independent comics. I also have a love-hate relationship with superhero comics and professional wrestling. That love-hate relationship is mostly defined by me loving them and them making me feel like they hate me. Other personal points of interest include that I have some cats, a cool girlfriend, a daughter, and an ever growing addiction to robot model kits.

This blog is just getting off the ground, but I plan to update it at least a couple times a week with news, reviews, adventures, and whatever floats my boat.

Thanks for checking out my blog, hopefully you stick around. Let’s make it weird.